Strata Smash Golfbälle

Strata Smash Golfbälle

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Strata Smash Golfbälle - (Preis inkl. MWSt. bezieht sich pro Ball)

Crushingly Long Distance - Great Feeling Cover

Golfball (2-piece Consruction)

Mehr Länge bei Driver- und Eisenschlägen !

Speziell neu entwickelte Schale für niedrigen Spin beim Driver und bessere Kontrolle bei Schlägen aus kurzer Distanz.

Strata is a Callaway Brand Name

Quality Distance Golf Ball – 12. September 2017

Jack – Rezension

12. September 2017

These golf balls are great! For a middle to intermediate golfer like myself, who needs accuracy more than extra distance, I found them to be particularly useful. Their feel is nice and the weight is light. I also really like the logo, and the style of the ball is premium. I am writing this review as part of a contest.


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